Pavilion Rental

Pavilion Rentals Now available to book online.

Steps to rent pavilion:


1. Log-in to eSoft account.
2.  From the home screen you will have 2 places you can click to book (you can click on the time itself or hit the “schedule appointment” button). By clicking on the schedule appointment button, you will be taken to a different screen.
3. You will go through and select what family member the rental is for; view monthly availability (a calendar will show up that shows the available times).  4. You will then click the preferred day, click the time and the rental will be added to their cart.
5. View cart and checkout.

**Pavilion rentals are 4-hour time slots starting at 12:00 & 5:00 only. We have 2 pavilions the main pavilion & the back pavilion.

**There is a maximum capacity of 50 people per pavilion.

**The system may show only a 2-hour slot but that is not the case (the system we are using does not allow to book for 4 hours.

**Rain Policy~ If the pool is closed due to inclement weather, then your pavilion rental can be rescheduled to a later available date.  If it rains on the day of your pavilion rental and the pool remains open, you can not reschedule. There are no refunds for booked pavilion rentals. 

**Guest Fees~ All nonmember guest over the age of 2 are $5.00 per guest.  Guest fees must be paid for and a guest list must be submitted to the pool 5 days prior to your pavilion rental. 

**You must be an active member to book the pavilions. 

**Please read all rules posted on the North Harford Swim club page Rules apply to members & guests.

*****Please pay guest fees 5 days prior at office & bring your guest list.*****

**We are no longer booking "End of year school parties".**

Questions?  Please email: