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2024 Membership Rates

Renewing Family Membership

Payment Date & Rate

January 1  - Feb 29: $740 

March 1 - April 30: $770 

After May 1: $800 

New Family Membership

Payment Rate

$800 + $350 admin fee

Grandparent Rider: $225

Babysitter Rider: $175

Social Membership: $300

Required to qualify:

    - 10 + years of membership

    - Board of Directors approval

    - No dependents may be added to this membership

Click here to see additional seasonal fees

Current Members

Member Splash is ready for returning members!

CLICK HERE to log into your Member Splash account and submit your payment.

Please contact our Membership Chair for the following:

  • Approval and account change for NEW Social Memberships

  • To have your membership placed on hold for the 2024 season

If you've chosen the Check-by-Mail payment option, checks MUST be post-marked by the date of the price change. 


Please mail checks here:

North Harford Swim Club

PO Box 204

Jarrettsville, MD 21084

Prospective Members

Interested in becoming a member of North Harford Swim Club?

CLICK HERE to register with a new Member Splash account and be placed on our waiting list!  Once you're registered, you will be able to make your payment, add family members, and purchase additional membership items.

 Additional Seasonal Fees:

  • N/C for grandparents who are visiting with their family and will NOT be swimming.

  • N/C for grandparents living in the same household as the membership holder. Please list live-in grandparents under the dependent section of your membership form.

  • $150.00 Babysitter fee: (Sitter age 14 or older brings children of pool member Monday through Friday only). Photo ID is required for baby sitters. Live in nannies are subject to the baby sitter fee.

  • $75.00 NON-MEMBER CHILD AGE 3 AND UNDER:* (Child being babysat by pool member Monday thru Friday ONLY) *Fees are based according to age as of opening day.

  • $125.00 NON-MEMBER CHILD AGE 4-12* (Child being babysat by pool member Monday thru Friday ONLY) *Fees are based according to age as of opening day.

  • $150.00 hold fee - allows a membership to be put on "hold" for the current season. Neither the pool nor its facilities can be used while a membership is on hold; however, members will not be subject to the new member initiation fee if you should decide to renew your membership. This fee must be paid each year a membership is put on hold.

  • Grandparent Rider: A "Grandparent Rider" allows families to add one or more sets of eligible grandparents to their existing memberships. Consider the following restrictions before electing to add this rider to your membership:

    • An eligible grandparent is defined as a parent or step-parent of the primary or secondary member Family membership.

    • The fee for each "Grandparent Rider" is $225 and covers a maximum of two (2) eligible grandparents. A family may add more than one "Grandparent Rider" to their membership for multiple sets of eligible grandparents.

    • Grandparents covered under the "Grandparent Rider" are not eligible to bring guests. They do not have guest privileges, as this is NOT a separate membership.

    • Grandparents covered under the "Grandparent Rider" may enter the club WITH OR WITHOUT the family under which they are covered, at any time NHSC is open.

    • Grandparents covered under the rider must have their names added to the family’s membership information in NHSC’s computer database and follow all rules and regulations.

  • GUEST FEES: $7.00  per person/per day (weekdays & weekends)   

    • Guest Rules:

      • Any individual non-family guest will be admitted only five (5) times per season.

      • The sponsoring member is responsible for the conduct of their guests, shall advise guests of pool regulations, and shall accompany their guests.

      • Guests under 14 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible adult.  

      • Guests who are 2 years of age or younger will be admitted free of charge.

      • A single guest privilege will admit either a single guest or a single family at one time (i.e. only one guest privilege is used for a family guest).

      • Each member family receives 20 guest privileges.

      • Senior-citizen (age 60+) family relatives, such as grandparents, who are visiting with their family and who will not be swimming, will be admitted as a courtesy without guest fee or guest limitation.

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